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1     Beard Transplant 

2     Beard Transplant Before and After (FUE Technique)

3     Instructions to follow..

4     Cost of Beard Transplant 

5     What Makes Us a Reliable Approach for Beard Hair Transplant in Turkey?. 

Get the Best Beard Hair Transplant in Turkey at Avrupa Sacekimi

There would be many men who wish to grow a beard, but unfortunately, they do not find it possible because they are not able to get the desired looks they wanted to have. This may happen due to scanty hair growth or uneven growth.

But, there is, fortunately, a great way that can help those men get a beard without any hassle, and it is through beard hair transplant.

Here, in Turkey, the popularity of facial hair transplant is growing gradually, and more and more people are showing considerable interest in transplanting their beard to get a look they desire for.

Having a beard significantly helps in boosting self-esteem and confidence in many people, and here at Avrupa Sacekimi, we help them to gain self-confidence by having a natural looking beard.

We have offered our excellent services of beard hair transplant Turkey, to numerous clients till date, and have got highly constructive feedback for every treatment that we have undertaken. We would like to extend our expertise to you as well.

We are your one-stop solution to make you look well groomed and confident, taking care of all your facial hair problems. It is, after all, the place to head when looking for the best beard hair transplant in Turkey.

Beard Transplant

The weakness of the growth of beard hair and the lack of hair growth in the area or the existence of some patches in the beard is considered one of the most cosmetic problems suffered by men. Because the beard is the secret of attractiveness and a sign of beauty and youthfulness for men. Therefore, the demand for beard, moustache, and facial hair transplant has increased recently from all over the world.

Beard Transplant Before and After (FUE Technique)

The surgery is performed using FUE technique. This technique doesn’t cause any pain. A local anaesthesia is injected to the area where the grafts will be extracted from and once the local anaesthesia begins to function, the operation begins immediately. The hair grafts are extracted from the donor area at the back of the head and then transplanted into the desired beard area. Thus the hair transplant surgery fully ends within few hours and the patient doesn’t feel any pain.

Don’t forget that it is your right to choose a beard shape and specify the line you want by consulting your surgeon who will be performing the surgery for you.

The beard grows within two to six months after the hair transplantation and you can shave after that period.

Instructions to follow

As with hair transplantation, there is no severe pain or injury after the operation in the scalp and painkillers can be taken on the first day. Redness and a slight peeling is observed within a period of up to a week in the transplanted area after the operation is done. After that, the patient returns to his/her normal life within one week of the operation.

After the operation the patient should follow some important guidelines such as the following:

  • Avoid scratching and rubbing the transplanted area when experiencing itches as it is a normal healing process. Some medications will be provided to soothe the itchiness.
  • Avoid strenuous and exhausting physical activities.
  • Precisely follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure.
  • For the first few days sleep in a semi-sitting position with your head raised on several pillows to avoid swelling.

Cost of Beard Transplant

The cost of beard transplant in Turkey doesn’t differ from hair transplantation as the cost of both is related to certain factors:

  1. The technique used to perform the transplantation surgery.
  2. The area of baldness and the spaces desired to be transplanted.
  3. The preservative fluids used to keep the follicles.
  4. If whether or not the center is specialized in hair transplantation surgeries and equipped with the latest technologies and most importantly whether it is subject to the conditions of the Ministry of Health and hygiene standards.
  5. To be the best hair transplant doctor with sufficient expertise and has a number of successful operations, as well as the number of previous hair transplant experiences that has achieved high levels of satisfaction in patients.

Finally, beard transplant is not like hair transplantation of the head, as the beard is in the face and the front interface of the human, so it must be performed under the hands of a highly skilled hair transplant surgeon because any slight mistake can lead to serious distortions.  Beard transplant is a sensitive operation so make sure to choose the best surgeon in the field.


What Makes Us a Reliable Approach for Beard Hair Transplant in Turkey?

  1. Deep expertise in providing the similar services
  2. A highly qualified and trained team of hair transplant specialists
  3. Certified and reputed for what we do
  4. Offer competitive pricing plans for the treatment

For us, it is the journey that we take with our clients that matters the most. We make sure that we make you feel super comfortable and think of the beard hair transplant as a jacket of new-found confidence.

It is not just about looks, but your whole personality and mind that gets a fresh perspective post the beard hair transplant, something we dearly value.

We have vast experience in almost all kinds of hair transplants and are not just limited to the one we mentioned above.

To know more about our services, kindly give us a call on the number provided on our website, or mail us; one of our customer care executives will revert as soon as possible to help you with your queries.


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